"Conservation is critical."

Q: Will I have less brown water under Town of Hingham ownership?

A: No.  "Brown water" is caused by both naturally-occurring minerals and build-up on water pipes that is released during water service disruptions (i.e. when everyone turns on their sprinkler systems).  Two ways to address brown water are to regularly flush the water system and to replace old water mains.  Aquarion does both, and both require capital investment.  Currently Aquarion has a state-approved plan in place to aggressively replace water mains.  It is called MRAM.  Under the Hingham Board of Selectmen's plan, very little money will be put toward capital expense and maintenance.

Q: Isn't running a water system like running the light plant?

A: No.  They are very different industries.  The electric company purchases power off the grid and provides it to homes and businesses.  Water is something you consume, bathe in and clean with.  Having it managed by experts in the field is critical to water quality.  Water utilities are also heavily regulated, unlike electric companies.  It's important to note that none of our three Selectmen are in the water utility business.

Q: Have there been any conversations about preserving this natural resource?

A: To date there have been no conversations at the town level about conservation.  However, Aquarion's business model is focused on identifying creative ways to maintain and replenish our water supply.  These initiatives include water restrictions, waste reduction  and recapturing.

Q: How does development impact our water supply?

A: Water is not a limitless resource.  Any new development puts a strain on the watershed and compromises our supply.  All development approved by Town officials should take into consideration the fragile nature of this natural resource.  To date, that has not been the case.